Syngency Mobile for Talent

It's really the talent's agency life and their career in their phone.

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Great mobile phones and mobile apps are what we are now all use to using in our daily lives. Up until Syngency Mobile was released, agents and talent weren’t able to enjoy this type of mobile freedom or tech in their industry.

“It’s been hugely fulfilling to bring that to market,” says Syngency Founder and CEO, Ryan Marshall. “I think our mobile app, which we’ve had out for 2-3 years now, has been such a massive win. We were the first in the industry to provide a genuine native mobile app to talent so they could keep up to date with all of their booking details and communicate with their agents. It’s really the talent’s agency life and their career in their phone. Up until that point you know, for most particularly busy talent they are going to be digging through 100s of emails from agents. It’s amazing to be able to provide [talent] with something that’s so convenient.”


Chart - A full schedule of upcoming jobs, call times, production details, fees, map assisted- directions, and on-location check ins.

Casting Calls - Never miss a casting again. Receive instant notifications from your Agent, and confirm immediately with a single tap.

Instant Messaging - Message in real time with your agent. For on-the-go job specific questions, answers, and overall on the spot communication.

Galleries - Our mobile app has an impressive gallery for hosting your headshots, digitals, editorials, and videos all in one place and all at the tap of a finger.

For a Full List of what Syngency Mobile can do, visit us HERE and send us an email to
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