How To Get Work Without a Reel/Resume

The entertainment industry is large, and so is the community of people working in it. Furthermore, the amount of people trying to break in to the entertainment industry might be even bigger! So, if you don’t have an impressive resume or reel how are you suppose to break through and be seen?

Working with some of the world’s best Talent Agents, models and talent; we always ask them what advice they may have for someone just starting out. Today we are lucky enough to tap our wonderful recourses here at Syngency and compile some amazing feedback for you!


1.) Be Proactive and Creative

Go work. Get in front of cameras and never stop honing your craft. Find theatre or class groups and make your own content, write your own stories and perform them, even if it’s for one person to watch. There are tons of unpaid or low paying acting jobs that cast with open calls…don’t be afraid to be one of those 200 people hoping to break in. But most important of all, find an agent who believes in you. It’s their job to put even the most inexperienced talent in the right position to find that first line of work for a resume. - Jay Holanda, Head of U.S. Sales for Syngency and active model with 20+ years of experience.

2.) Have a Positive Attitude and Great Personality

Be Kind, be fun to work with, and be memorable in a good way, says Anna Von Roy, former agent for Clyne Model Management and current Customer Support Hero at Syngency.

I was never the “hottest” marketable guy, but I almost always got repeat bookings because I was helpful and nice on set, adds** Jay Holanda**.

You can have the perfect height and look but if you are not willing to put in the effort with a good attitude, it’s going to be difficult to sustain success, says agent Rya Berkelaar of Richard’s International Model Management

3.) Do It For The Right Reasons

Make sure you really want to do this, do your research on reputable agencies and on what is required of your time, as success does not happen overnight. Plan on taking care of yourself, embrace your uniqueness, show up, have a positive attitude and perseverance. - Rya Berkelaar

*If someone wants to become a model because they think its “cool” or “easy money” they quickly get hit with a major wakeup call. I see it all the time. As soon as they realize the time and monetary investment they have to make- they’re gone! - *states Briana Lombardo, owner and agent of Long Island Models

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