NEW: Updates to the Syngency User Platform

We’re always working to create a better user experience for you in the Syngency Family, and wow have we been busy!

Here is the latest and greatest from our engineering team.

PACKAGES - Email Selected Talent and Create Casting Call

Email Selected Talent

You can now select talent in the package and click Email Selected Talent to automatically open the Send Email window, with the selected talent’s email addresses already populated.

Create Casting Call

A new Casting Call can now be created from your package with just a click. If your Casting Package has groups of talent, these groups will also be added to the Casting Call, with the respective talent assigned to them.


Talent schedule durations

The Schedules section of a booking will now display both the individual duration of each schedule, as well as the talent’s total duration for that booking.


This can be helpful for calculating overtime, or ensuring scheduling meets union regulations.

Note: Schedules set to “Released” will not be included in the total duration.