Is Your Agency Website Up To Date? Do These 5 Things

In today’s digital landscape, Social Media has become king in the world of an online presence for most. With the success of social media’s easy access for all and direct reach to people, a lot of online focus has been pushed to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and (at one point) Myspace to name a few, all the while the “company website” was pushed to the side and largely ignored.

But, in recent years with SO many social networking sites popping up, it’s become overwhelming to keep up with. “Social media can be a dangerous place for businesses that don’t have time or a strategy to approach it properly and engage with others,” mentions Syngency’s lead creative web designer Tristan James. “So many times businesses get on social media, neglect it, and end up getting pages full of bad juju, pushing people away just because they drove traffic there and neglected it. Especially dangerous in a space where all their competitors are only a click or two away.”

A website is also the best and most effective way to market your business/agency online. “A company’s own website gives them complete control over their brand and the way they engage (instead of having to engage the way social media users expect to), in their own space, uncluttered by distractions,” says James.

A website can give a new viewer a great first impression of your agency if it’s done correctly, and with the start of the new year, now is the best time to give your agency site a refresh.

Screen Shot 2019-01-10 at 12.25.19 PM.png

Here are 5 ways you can make sure your agency’s website is up to date and looking fresh for 2019:

1.) Good Design Aesthetic

When a viewer first lands on your page, is it easy for them to navigate the site? Is it clear of clutter like ads, and unnecessary information that distracts the viewer from finding the important information about you? Are your visuals appealing and represented well?

At Syngency, we’re big fans of simplicity. A clean layout with easy navigation tabs at the top of the page or in a drop-down menu make it easy for the viewer to find the pages they’re looking for. Nothing will make a visitor leave a website sooner if they can’t easily access the info they need. Additionally, we love having a few eye catching visuals front row and center to capture the viewer immediately at first glance. And, if you run a modeling or talent agency, amazing visuals are most likely overflowing from your hard-drive by the truck load.

2.) Your Branding Element

Your Logo is your brand, and it should be the first thing people see when they visit your site. It’s an important part of the home page and should be featured prominently on it. We find that positioning your Branding Element / Logo on the top-left or top-center position of the home page works best as it will be the first thing your viewer’s eyes gravitate towards when your website loads and reassure them that they are in the right place.

3.) A Great Description / About Section

Having an “About” tab or page dedicated to your story is one of the most important sections your website can have. Make sure you have a clear and well written story that tells the visitor Who you are, What you do, and Why they should care about you. It’s always heart-wrenching to visit a site to learn more info about an Agency, only to find out that an “About” section doesn’t exist or, simply can’t be found due to poor site design.

4.) Boast Your Offerings

As an Agency, your previous or current works are what keep your business turning. They let other industry professionals know what you’ve done, and can inspire and entice them to work with you. So, let’s be bold, classy, and visually appealing!

Create a well designed and curated gallery of your Talent and work that displays all of your Agency and team’s achievements. Nothing says “I want to work with you” like a well curated portfolio.

5.) Contact

Now that your Agency’s website is up to date, and we’ve done the work to capture the visitor with a stunning presentation, let’s not forget to let them know how they can get in touch with you.

Weather it’s a general email contact, or detailed contact list of specific departments and agents; let’s give the viewer a way to get in touch should they be interested in working with your respected Agency. Nothing says “aww bummer” like finishing an incredible novel only to discover the last page is missing. Create a contact page, or add contacts near your portfolio and boost your Agency website to the finish line!

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“While people browse social media aimlessly, people visit websites with much more intent - they’ve come to check you out specifically. Make the most of that great opportunity to turn that curious person into a new advocate of your brand by impressing them, giving them exactly the info they want, and how to start doing business with you.”

If your Agency would like to consult Syngency on a new website or website re-fresh, say hello and send us a message to or visit us at to view our gallery of beautiful websites we’ve designed for some of our amazing clients and agencies.