Agency Feature :: Look Model Agency with Cyril Kollock

Look Model Agency is an exciting agency located in one of our favorite, and one of the most magical cities in America; San Francisco.

Today we are very excited and honored to have our friend Cyril Kollock with us! As the Director and Head of Women’s Board, with over 10 years experience at Look, AND experience in booking, talent management, imaging, and branding; Cyril brings a massive wealth of knowledge to the table! He shares with us what it’s like to run an agency in the Bay Area, his advice to models trying to break in to the industry, and how Syngency plays a role in Looks’ day-to-day business.


Getting their start in 1986, Look Model Agency has been at the forefront of discovering new talent and establishing lifelong careers in the industry for both models and agents alike. “What makes Look unique is our strength as a main board agency in San Francisco as well as our eye for new faces and upcoming talent,” Kollock expresses. “We focus on integrity, creativity and constantly bringing something fresh to the table with an aesthetic that truly reflects San Francisco.”

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When you hear the word model, modeling, or modeling agency; from the outside looking in you may think of places like New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, etc… Besides being boarded by the cold and choppy Pacific Ocean, Northern California wineries, and vast agricultural landscape; San Francisco and the Bay Area are bursting with creative and exciting modeling opportunities.

“We love San Francisco!” exclaims Cyril. “There is a depth of culture here that does make it different than LA and NY. As an agent here in SF you never know what kind of call you might get; international editorial, solid work with heavy-hitting local clients, and beyond. It’s a town with interesting people and that really is one of the best things about being based here. As well, the models that live here are all very cool and down to earth.”

Being from Northern California myself, now living in Los Angeles, I’d have to agree with Cyril on that last statement. A relaxed environment gives way for perspective and growth beyond what is often times placed in front of us, and can allow one to work on themselves from the inside out.

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When asked what advice Kollock has for aspiring models trying to break in to the industry, he notes that “personality is as much a factor as your look.” Continuing, *“While there is much focus on aesthetic, who you are as a person will be a big factor to interaction on set and ensure an active career.” *

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Working as an agent in the modeling or talent world can seem trying at times, and rewarding at others. At Syngency, we always strive to be rewarding to our partners, and work to make their lives and jobs easier through our platform’s features and functionality.

“It’s a fantastic tool that we of course, are on all the time,” says Kollock. (Ahhh music to our ears 😁) “The processes are easily accessible which makes for a great work-flow. In a fast paced business, being able to stay on top of bookings, confirmations, and the image side of the job is essential. Syngency has made this a breeze.”

“Very proud to have believed in the product as an early adopter, a move that speaks for itself as we see more people switching from bulky, complicated, over-priced systems. I wish we could keep it for ourself! We use it because it works for our business and we can count on the team at Syngency for prompt service.* It’s an ever changing business and we work with Syngency to stay at the cutting edge.”***

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Our thanks to Cyril Kollock for taking time to speak with us, as well as being top notch partners with Syngency for all of these years!

Visit Look Model Agency at their website www.lookmodelagency.comto see their amazing work and learn more! And don’t forget to follow them on social media on: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.