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Their full schedule of upcoming call times, complete with production details, fees, map-assisted directions, and on-location check ins.


Chat in real-time with your talent. Agents can send and receive directly from Syngency, with conversations logged for future reference.


Your talent will impress at castings, with their full Syngency galleries always on hand. Editorials, digitals, videos. They’re all right here.


Agent contact details, current measurements, and links to their online portfolio are just a tap away, whenever they need them.

Super Smart & Easy To Use

Connected to the world’s smartest platform for model & talent management.

Push Notifications

Talent receive alerts when details are updated by their agent, messages arrive, and shoots are scheduled to begin.

Uber® & Lyft®, Built-In

Book an Uber® or Lyft® ride straight from the app, with the destination address automatically set to the shoot location.

Apple® & Google® Maps

The fastest walking, driving, or transit routes to a location, available via everyone’s favorite maps.

Real-time Sync

Syngency updates the app each time it’s opened, ensuring talent always have the latest information from their agent.

Offline Mode

Cell service isn’t always available — especially backstage. Offline Mode makes sure important details are always accessible.

Casting Calls

Talent receive casting calls from the agency in real time, and can respond quickly and effortlessly.

What’s Inside

Take a close-up look at the app that will revolutionize the way your talent work.

Upcoming Schedules

An immediate overview of upcoming schedules and call-times, updated from Syngency in real-time.


Keeping talent ahead of the game — a calendar view of every single booking.

Shoot Details

All the details talent need for preparing, planning, and getting to a shoot.

Accept. Decline. Check In.

Receive instant notifications in Syngency when talent accept or decline a booking, or check in at their location.

Maps, Directions and Uber

Interactive maps, directions, and direct Uber® and Lyft® integration help talent arrive on time, every time.

Live Chat

Things don't always go as planned. Talent can chat with their agent in real—time to ask questions or solve problems, fast.


Syngency's galleries can keep their editorials, digitals, videos, all in one place.


Impress at castings. Measurements, website portfolio, and agent contact details — all at a glance.

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