Why You Should Ditch The Spreadsheet : Loss of Data (3)

  1. Loss of historical data.

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In our first two segments we detailed some problematic areas of relying solely on Spreadsheets and why you should ditch them in an effort to save your employees and company time, energy, and ultimately money. Concluding that they can be very Time Consuming and Error Prone. (See previous posts) Luckily for you, today’s post in our 3rd segment is short and sweet (like my coffee most days). Loss of historical data is at the center of our convo.

Spreadsheets aren’t designed to store historical data, so often, in an attempt to keep the size of them manageable, they are “updated” and companies lose their historical data. This makes it hard or impossible to spot trends over time and compare data across longer time horizons, and can ultimately hurt your projections for future business.

Syngency, as we know, loves to work freely from spreadsheets and will keep your Agency’s data stored in easy to view reports so you can access them one at a time, or a decade’s worth all at once! Our “Reports” feature lets you view Agency Revenue, Profit, Commissions, Spending, your Top Agents, Revenue by Booking Type, and much much more. Specify your date range and Syngency will pull up all your data in the blink of an eye. Share with your team as much or as little as you like without having to worry about file size.

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