Why You Should Ditch The Spreadsheet :: Time Consuming (1)


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Ventana Research conducted a study examining the use of spreadsheets in business settings, from small-to-medium businesses to Fortune 500 organizations. According to their recent report, users spend 12 – 18 hours each month performing “spreadsheet maintenance”—updating, revising, consolidating, modifying, and correcting spreadsheets. Even executives can’t get away from it: Ventana reports that the front office dedicates an average of 15 hours per month to spreadsheets.

With Syngency, our platform allows you to ditch the spreadsheets and input all of your data in to one place, viewable from our beautiful and easy-to-use dashboard. Accounting tools, Schedules, Contacts Database, Notes, Upcoming Jobs, Calendars, and More are all accessible and categorized in your Syngency profile. Once your info is entered, it is readily viewable, searchable, and easily/securely shareable with your team! Heck, Syngency will even HELP you with the data entry too! Save yourself time, money, and stress. Ditch the Spreadsheets and switch to Syngency for a smoother workflow.