Who Do You Follow?


Do you ever reach “social media burnout”, or feel somewhat down after looking at your “social” feed? I certainly have, especially this past year.

I found myself looking at social media just as much as I always have, but now not only feeling bored by what I was seeing but I was also kind of feeling depressed from scrolling through my feed(s) for some reason. There weren’t necessarily negative or disturbing posts showing up in my feed, but the images by people/brands I followed just weren’t sparking light like they use to. Some images, though they may have intended to uplift me, made me feel like I was comparing myself to what they were doing. I hated that feeling, but why were these imaged unintentionally making me feel this way?

“While social media has helped people connect, it has also created a “who has a better life” trap,” says Dr. Stephanie A. Sarkis. “Keep in mind that people post their “highlight reel” on social media, not their “behind the scenes.” (excerpt taken from psychologytoday.com)

With a few days left in December of 2019, I was listening to a podcast and the guest mentioned that people should “keep digging deeper” and to “take a look at the spaces you frequent and maybe change that up.” He continues to suggest changing up who you follow online and the types of publications or blogs you read. This made me think about whom I was following online and that perhaps the reason why I was feeling like I was in a social media rut/depressed every time I looked at my phone could be because I hadn’t changed up my feed in a while. I wasn’t diversifying who I was following. I loved this point he made!

It’s kind of like comparing it to staying at home and never traveling or going on vacation. You need to leave home sometimes to gain inspiration from other surroundings, to recharge, and feel refreshed. So, I simply approached this situation by removing or unfollow anything that wasn’t bringing me inspiration, creativity, or joy. I didn’t rush out to find new pages to follow, but as I would come across something that did induce positivity, I followed it (for now). I also am actively trying to put my phone away more often. Leaving my phone alone when I first wake up, or in the other room while I work, before-during-and after dinner, etc…

Also, maybe think about how you are contributing to other people’s feeds with your posts. Are you bragging about your latte or sharing a great new location with your friends? Are your posts trying to uplift others, or are you showing off?

Change up the energy you are seeing daily and diversify outside of the realm you’re use to.

I’m only one month into my own social media audit, but I like it so far!

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