Who Do You Follow?

A social media audit on who you are following online could help improve your mental well being.


Do you ever reach “social media burnout”? I certainly have, especially this past year. I found myself looking at social media just as much as I always have, but now not only feeling bored by what I was seeing but I was also kind of feeling depressed from the images for some reason. There weren’t necessarily negative or disturbing posts showing up in my feed, but the images by people/brands I “followed” just weren’t sparking light like they use to. So why was I feeling this way?

With a few days left in December of 2019, I was listening to a music related podcast and the host asked the guest, who happened to be an A&R rep for a record label, how other record labels can diversify their roster. Now I know this has nothing to do with Syngency at the moment, or with modeling, talent agents, or software; but the guest’s answer was quite interesting.

Within his answer, he mentions that people should “keep digging deeper” and to “take a look at the spaces you frequent and maybe change that up.” He continues to suggest changing up who you follow online and the types of publications or blogs you read. This made me think about whom I was following online and that perhaps the reason why I was feeling like I was in a social media rut was because I hadn’t changed up my feed in a while. I wasn’t diversifying who I was following. I loved this point he made!

Remove the negative images and articles that aren’t adding value in your life and consider following new ones. Also, maybe think about how you are contributing to other people’s feeds with your posts.

Furthermore, if you are interested in participating in women’s rights, consider following activists in that area. If you are interested in learning more about LGBTQ musicians, consider following a musician in that space. If you are interested in helping to preserve the environment, consider following activists or companies that participate in this effort. Though you love a certain blog or magazine, consider subscribing to a few new ones to read each day. Change up the energy you are seeing daily and diversify outside of the realm you’re use to.

I’m only one month into my own social media audit, but I like it so far!

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