Introducing: The Tabb Agency

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We are excited to introduce you to Sharon Tabb and The Tabb Agency!

Sharon Tabb founded Tabb Modeling Agency in 2011, upon her return to Oklahoma City from Los Angeles, when she didn’t have easy access to models for her projects. While working as Beauty Director for ZOOEY, a national print magazine, she also began working with a local bridal magazine where she was in charge of booking models. In Los Angeles, Sharon was accustomed to working with modeling agencies like Hollywood Model Management, ELITE, LA Models, Wilhelmina, and many more, that sent model packages regularly in hope that their models would be booked for print publications.

Due to the lack of access of such models in Oklahoma, she started a local Facebook page as a networking tool where she could find Oklahoma models. After many months of success just from the social media page, local professionals approached Sharon and suggested she begin a modeling agency. Soon after, Sharon Tabb began Tabb Modeling Agency which naturally expanded to representing Talent as well. Sharon’s background in production and the fashion industry makes her agency a strong asset for the Oklahoma market.

Check out our interview with Sharon below.

1.) Tabb Modeling Agency began in 2011. What compelled you to start an agency, and why did you choose Oklahoma as your home base?

We relocated back to Oklahoma after living in California for 2 decades. While living in LA I had been working as a Beauty Director for a Celebrity and Fashion Magazine called Zooey. Zooey Magazine allowed me to keep my position after moving to Oklahoma in the event I could still help produce the beauty editorials. I had been in charge of booking the models for those shoots while in LA and I was finding it difficult booking local models in Oklahoma so I decided to do my own casting calls. After almost a year of successful magazine shoots, it led to producers, ad agencies and photographers contacting me to book models, and models asking me to rep them. POOF! Tabb Models was born. The agency ultimately came to me!

2.) At Tabb you have both a Model and Talent division where you work on a multitude of various campaigns and media outlets. Can you tell us a little bit about each division, and what makes Tabb Talent unique?

Tabb Models has a small group of fashion type models, as well as commercial and a few curve models of all ages and ethnicities. Oklahoma has more commercial modeling but we make sure we offer a full range of models. We have models who only work local and we have models in development who have goals to go to a larger market. We are not hung up on the old school fashion model stats, and we are making sure to keep our models healthy and be on trend of all shapes and sizes. For Tabb Actors we have theatrical, commercial and VO actors. Tabb Agency is unique it’s important to have all ethnicities and various sizes and heights, and those with disabilities and last but not least we work on knowing each of our talent.

3.) Can you give us a little glimpse at what the process is like once Talent signs to Tabb and how you work to develop them for success?

We focus on getting to know the individual and communication is key. Each model and actor we sign comes in at a different level so it varies on our approach. We help guide them to the right classes, coaching, photographers, and other resources depending on their needs. On top of that we are their biggest cheerleaders!

4.) What or whom should we keep our eye on from Tabb in the coming months/year?

We are working on rebranding our model board and breaking down our divisions. Oklahoma is not the modeling capital of the world, so this is something that is a work in progress. We are in works to acquire some larger campaigns in 2021. Our Acting side is getting stronger and we are booking national TV shows, commercials and feature films. We are also expanding our regions, and hope that will open more doors to our talent. You’ll be seeing Tabb in print and in the movies!

5.) Covid has been a difficult time for all industries out there, and with 2021 just getting underway things are looking up. Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for those (models/agents) working in the talent industry?

We took the down time during covid to regroup and focus on our agency as a whole. We did a lot of social media, posting frequently and got our talent involved. We did Instagram takeovers, and let people / potential clients get to know our models and actors. The Models/Actors had a ton of fun doing the instagram takeovers and our viewers loved it! Words of wisdom and advice I would suggest is get to know your market and find a niche. I find this industry is always changing so roll with it and don’t stress about it. If something isnt working just keep trying or try something different. We’re human and doing the best we can. This is a fun and rewarding job!! I wish you all much success. :)

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