Introducing: Rune Model Management

In a new series from Syngency titled “Introducing”,we aim to highlight and introduce you to new and established agencies working with Syngency. The goal is to get you familiar with who the agency is, who the founder is, and why their agency stands out from the rest.

Today, I am very excited to introduce you to Rune Model Management and it’s founder Josh Grooms.


1.) When did Rune Model Management begin and what compelled you to start an agency?

Rune Models began our journey in July 2019. Honestly, the decision to start an agency all stems from my own personal beliefs in how representation of talent should be. I want to have an agency that is unique in its culture, representation style, and perspective. I have a firm belief in the commitment to talent, their individuality, success, and their futures. As we can tell from the movements sweeping the world right now, there are many issues that have needed to be addressed for a long time and our industry is not excluded from that. I wanted to make sure I created an agency where we take the time to listen to talent and find out about who they are - their morals, ethics, values, history, passions, etc before offering a contract. To also push the narrative of the talent and to treat them as a human rather than another number on a board. All while pushing our talent to their fullest potential.

2.) I noticed that Rune not only signs its own talent, but you also help your talent sign to other agencies. I find this exciting! What made you choose this path for the agency?

Placing our talent with other agencies in different markets is what I call building a talent’s team; which is our job to manage once built. As an agency, it is our job to put talent first and to make sure that they grow with more opportunity. If we are able to place our talent with agencies in many different markets, then there are multiple agencies and agents working for the success of the talent and helping them develop with different experiences since every market is different. When the talent are successful - we are successful in-turn as we are all working for mutual success.

To me, a talent is the baton in a track & field 4x4 race and we agencies are the runners. It is our job to seamlessly pass the baton to the next runner without dropping it so that we can beat the other teams. Winning each race is a team effort requiring us to work together, train to better ourselves, push each other, and to communicate.

3.) Can you give us a glimpse at what the process is like once a model signs to Rune and how you work to develop them for success?

When a talent signs with Rune Models, we immediately create an initial individualized 180 day plan for them based on their marketability, developmental needs, strengths and opportunities for growth. I believe that every talent is unique to themselves so there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We initially focus on their industry knowledge, photo movement skills, building their portfolio, and booking them with our clients. At all times we challenge each talent to treat this industry as a lifestyle rather than a hobby. This industry is all about self-accountability when it comes to the dictation of a talent’s success since it is so competitive. Overall, it is very much a team effort between us, the creatives, and the talent when developing a model. We work with many amazing individuals that all contribute to the development and success of our talent.

4.) In respect to Rune and your talent, what or whom should we keep our eye on in the coming months?

There are so many things and talent to keep an eye on! We are now in the middle of building our second office to expand our brand and cannot wait to show the talent that we discover. There are quite a few talent that I must say we are beyond proud of and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for them. Talent such as Elayna W, Mary M, Zach K, Malcomb L, Jordan S, Evan B, Justin R, Matt R and Kylie W are all definitely the talent to watch out for as they are working with some big brands, agencies and gaining traction in each market. We also have some new faces that we can wait to unveil who are really impressing us with their development.

5.) Covid has been a difficult time for all industries out there. Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for those (models/agents) out there working in the talent industry?

The biggest piece of advice that I can give to anyone working in the industry in this time of COVID-19 is to find inspiration, work together, support each other, be innovative, and to have patience. Most importantly, being appreciative of each other and every opportunity that comes our way. Now more than ever we should be uniting rather than separating since we are traversing uncharted territory. If it weren’t for our talent and the comradery that we have with our clients, creatives and other agencies - I don’t think we would have made it through this difficult time. It’s building a team of leaders beyond our own office walls. Being able to recognize these things and impact each other will assure continued growth and mutual success for everyone on your team.