Introducing: Lucid Models

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We are back with new interviews and new introductions for 2021! Though our first guest of the year is no newcomer to the industry we wanted to Introduce you all to Sharon Coker; fashion photographer, model agent, and co-founder of Lucid Models.\

1.) Can you tell us a little bit about Lucid Models and what makes the agency unique?

Lucid Models is a boutique mother agency located in Brandon, MS. We have been open two and a half years. So relatively new. Our models is what makes us unique as an agency. We appreciate them as individuals and strive to help them be confident in what they bring to the table despite industry standards.

2.) You have been working in the industry for over 10 years now, but began as a portrait and fashion photographer. When did you transition to model development and what compelled you to become an agent?

As a photographer for another agency, I transitioned to model development six years ago. Working closely with their new face models to develop their craft and books. Through that experience, I realized model development was something I was passionate about. This drove me full force into the industry by starting my own agency. I was compelled to open Lucid to bring a broader spectrum of models to the south. I pride myself on building up my models not only as models but the beautiful human beings they are.

3.) What has been one of your favorite or most memorable jobs to work on so far?

As an agent and photographer, I have worked on lots of jobs I have found memorable. So its hard to choose. One that sticks out in my mind is a magazine shoot we did in San Diego. It was at Keys Creek Lavender farm, one of the most amazing locations. Our model Madeline Claire was on the job and really held her own with two other models who were more seasoned than her. So it made me really proud to be apart of. It was overall a super fun day and the pictures were simply breathtaking.

4.) 2020 was quite the year for all. In what ways, if any, did you find yourself pivoting or exploring new creative ways to do business?

In 2020, I spent my time working as much as I could, doing different things to keep going. In the beginning of quarantine I started doing a lot of Facetime shoots. This was a great outlet for me during such a weird time. I got to be creative in a new way and also connect with my models.

5.) What or whom should we keep our eye on from Lucid in the coming months/year?

We have lots of new people and content to look out for in the coming months. Quin, Lane, and Ian are our new faces that are really killing it right now. We also are super excited for our models Reaghan & Laya who will be having babies in a few months.

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