Introducing: Everi

Continuing our “Introducing” series, we are proud to introduce you to Everi. A new modeling agency based in Australia that began less than 3 months ago. Everi is the creation of agent Nikki Mann, and her name might sound familiar because it is! Nikki was an agent with the LA based agency Natural Models and featured on Episode #4 of our Booked on Syngency Podcast.


1.) Everi is a brand new agency located in Australia that came to fruition just this year. What motivated you to start your own agency and were there any hesitations to do so with so much chaos and uncertainty going on in 2020?

I moved home to Australia during the pandemic to be closer to my family. I had not lived in Australia for 8 years so I didn’t really know much about the Aussie market. I did my research with other agencies and Aussie brands and saw a lack of diversity! There are so many things that I dislike about the industry so I decided to start my own agency and make my own rules! It’s all happened really quickly. It’s only been 9 weeks since I made this decision and I’ve already been booking models with some great clients!

2.) Can you tell us a little more about what Everi means, and what you aspire to achieve with the agency?

Everi is all about diversity and inclusivity. Beauty is confidence no matter your size, shape, height or ethnicity!

Our mission is to diversify the industry so that every single person can see themselves represented.

We all deserve to have relatable people visible to us. We want to help make a change in the fashion industry for it to be a healthy environment for everyone, mentally and physically.

No one should be told to lose weight or gain weight to fit a certain look. As long as you are happy and healthy that is all that matters.

We value individuality. We are FUN, FIERCE and BRAVE. We love you, just the way you are.

3.) Browsing your website, I noticed that you already have a stacked talent list of amazing models. Are all of your talent Australian based, and what was the process like putting together your roster?

I am so blessed to have found such an incredible bunch of humans so quickly! They all have the same values and are ready to break industry standards with me!

Majority of the talent I represent are Australian based but I do have some girls from USA and the UK.

4.) What or whom from Everi should we keep our eyes on in the coming months?

There are some really exciting things in the works right now that I am unable to talk about… yet. But follow us on IG and you will find out! @Everi_body

5.) Do you have any words of wisdom or advice for entrepreneurs like yourself that may be about to take the leap and pursue their dreams.

I saw a post the other day on social media and it said; Imagine if Rihanna decided not to launch Fenty Beauty because “everyone has a makeup line” Message being, NO ONE is you, and that is YOUR power.

Do something you believe in and you can’t fail. Your goal should be growth and the only competition is yourself!