In The Know :: Advice and Tips You Should Hear Before Deciding on Modeling as a Career

“I would like to be a model”. Probably the most unsolicited question, request, or comment we get outside of our platform’s main FAQs; and undeniably one of the biggest questions our network of agencies also receive. I can see why though. The modeling and talent industry is very exciting and could lead to an adventurous and larger-than-life….well, life!

So, what is there to think about before jumping head first in to the massive world of modeling? Aside from looks, photos, job history what else should you take in to account before moving on to the next step?

Well, luckily, we have some friends in the industry and asked our experts for their insight on what people should take into consideration ahead of reaching out to an agent/agency.

Make sure you really want to do this, do your research on reputable agencies and on what is required of your time, as success does not happen overnight. Plan on taking care of yourself, embrace your uniqueness, show up, have a positive attitude and perseverance. You can have the perfect height and look but if you are not willing to put in the effort with a good attitude, it’s going to be difficult to sustain success. - Rya Berkelaar, Richard’s Models
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“Personality is as much a factor as your look,” states Cyril Kollock, Director and Head of Women’s Board at Look Models in San Francisco. “While there is much focus on aesthetic, who you are as a person will be a big factor to interaction on set and ensure an active career.”

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One mistake people often make when trying to break in to the industry is “Not understanding the importance of obtaining quality photos. There is a huge difference between investing in a professional photographer and using your “friend” that has a camera,” says Briana Lombardo of Long Island Models. “Also, doing it for the wrong reasons. If someone wants to become a model because they think its “cool” or “easy money” they quickly get hit with a major wakeup call. I see it all the time. As soon as they realize the time and monetary investment they have to make- they’re gone!”

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To recap on the wonderful advice our industry experts from Richard’s Models, Look Models, and Long Island Models provided for us:

BE READY TO WORK HARD - Just like most things in life, you get out what you put in. Putting in the hard work will most likely reveal greater rewards, and in this business there is a lot of competition. So, if you’re not working hard to reach your personal goals and agency goals, there is definitely someone out there who IS working towards theirs and you just may miss your chance.

HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE & BE A GOOD PERSON - As Cyril stated above, having a personality is as much of a factor as having good looks. Bring out our positive attitude and show agents and casting directors that you are willing to put in the hard work even if you don’t get called back on the first job. Chances are, you will audition for the same industry people time and time again. Leave them with a positive view on you the first time around.

INVEST IN YOURSELF & CAREER - Along with emotionally investing in yourself (major) be prepared to financially invest in yourself by obtaining quality photos by a professional photographer, as well as possible travel and wardrobe expenses for auditions.