How asking for a photo lead to a full time job


Do you believe in fate? Do you believe that putting out positive energy into the world attracts positive energy back? We sure do!

In Episode #4 of our podcast, Booked On Syngency, we hear Natural Models’ head booker Nikki Mann talk about how going to a meet-and-greet and asking for a photo with Katie Wilcox lead her to a full-time job at Natural Models.

Katie Wilcox is the owner and founder of Natural Models, a full time successful model herself, and the founder of Healthy Is The New Skinny (HNS). The latter is a movement she created “with the purpose of speaking out against the harmful body measurement requirements for models in the fashion industry,” while also writing a book that “serves as a roadmap for girls and women to battle the media and societal pressure to be small by choosing authentic health and wellness instead.”

Before Nikki ever stepped foot inside the Natural Models office, she recalls being a fan of Katie’s and the HNS movement. Attending an HNS meet-up one evening Nikki gathered the courage to go talk to Katie and introduce herself and ask for a photo together. While the two bonded over Nikki’s HNS cropped sweatshirt, Nikki remembers eventually asking how she can volunteer to help in any way she can with Healthy Is The New Skinny.

Now, you could say that just asking to help is what lead to a full-time job, and sure it played it’s part. But what about Katie’s initiative to help lend a positive voice to young girls and women? Perhaps putting out positive content to help others did reach and inspired a young woman who was full of positivity and drive herself, who then reached out and connected with Katie and HNS. We believe that each positive action also has a positive reaction. Sometimes the world brings us together to expand on that greatness and heighten positivity for all.