Agency Feature :: 10 MGMT w/ David Sanchez


At Syngency we are BIG fans of our clients and agency partners, and 10 MGMT out of Chicago, IL is definitely one of those agencies for us!

Founded in 2013 by renowned model AND agent, David Sanchez, “10 MGMT believes in honest, transparent, and caring management This is reflected thru our actions as agents and how we operate and also whom we attract and sign to the agency,” Sanchez told us. “We believe in the individual so we try not to put people in molds which happens a lot at bigger network agencies. We have a solid foundation of the needs of this business and work tirelessly to create thoughtful & intentional careers within the media and entertainment space. We love to get to know you and understand you a person first,” David continues.


We recently highlighted some of 10 MGMT’s recent works and talent on our Instagram to showcase the amazing work David and his team have been working on. With clients that range from models to photographers, and wardrobe stylists to hair + makeup artists; it’s easy to see why 10 is charging forward at 110%! They are representing some of the best in the modeling and entertainment industry.


When asked about his experience with Syngency, David mentioned*, “I do feel that the program and the website design has helped my business greatly and appreciate your efforts.” *Continuing, “I will say your program has allowed my scaling into a larger company much easier as well, and am confident that it will continue to support my growth well. Thank you!”


    1. Ease of data management

    2. Cleanliness and ease of package submissions and augmenting for the specific breakdown/client.

    3. Ability for talent to access chart and manage data themselves, this frees up my and my agency staff time to focus on income initiatives vs charting data.

    4. Ability to manage graphic web slider and ease of updating portfolios.

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