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Syngency - For those that are unfamiliar, what is Neer Motion and what do you do?

Brent - Neer is a unique type of artist agency that represents cinematographers. Even though all of our cinematographers have experience in features and television commercials; they fill a certain industry that hasn’t really been figured out yet, and that is the stills world. They understand when they are asked to do a motion component on a stills campaign, just how that environment works. What to do when you’re working with a photographer that is either directing or maybe the photographer doesn’t want to talk to talent at all. [Cinematographers] know how to provide the highest quality visuals within a unique type of production.

Chandra - Before we launched, the artists that we represent, even though there are a lot of cinematographers out there in the industry, there is kind of a unique select group of those cinematographers that have that level of skill and technical knowledge who come from the film, tv, and broadcast side of the world but who happen to also work on fashion sets and beauty sets. Brent spent about… probably, 9 months actually curating the roster that we do have. It’s a hard find still, and we are really really proud of our roster. It’s still very tight for us in comparison to the traditional below the line agencies. But its a nice amount. we have about 17 artists right now. We are extremely hands on with their management, proactively going after clients and brands and just new relationships in general with directors and photographers. We are just really close with them. With my experience as a model agent prior to doing this and running Ford Models, it’s everything I’ve ever done. Still. But with a new type of artist who is really kind of happy to have me and Brent, because the level of attention and care and vision that we’re giving to their careers, and the support that were providing for them is really phenomenal. Because, before we came on the scene…and Brent has first hand experience with this…a lot of these guys and girls that have been shooting on still sets have just kind of been like word of mouth “oh sure I’m available” ,”oh that’s the budget? okay. That doesn’t seem very good, but maybe I’ll go an do it.” They’ve not had proper attention or care, or somebody to negotiate on their behalf. And of course artists aren’t always great at doing that themselves. So in comparison to a modeling agency…yes..a lot of those fundamentals are the same. We’re representing them in very much the same capacity.

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