Agency Feature :: Margaux The Agency with Regina Annotti

We are a house of artists existing for a common purpose.

We do not conform to the proper rules of decorum. We set our own standards, and we are not concerned about amounting up to the typical status quo.

We paint ideas into reality with our growing network of modern and traditional creatives. Our purpose is to lead by example by empowering our muses through integrating thoughtful values and morals into our business.

We believe that success is achieved by balance of originality, strategy, and creative consciousness.

We take chances, we are confident in our direction, and we will not change for your comfort.

Because we know that nobody lives forever, we are establishing something that can.



Powerful words taken from the pages of that set the tone for a powerful and fast rising talent agency based in the beach city of Santa Monica, CA.

Syngency has had the pleasure of working with Margaux for two years and counting, and we recently had the chance to catch up with the amazing Regina Annotti (co-owner & agent) to find out more about her role, what 2019 has in store for Margaux, and her viewpoints on all things agency related.

“So far, 2019 has been amazing,” Regina exclaims. “Following a small holiday break, we hit the ground running on January 2nd and have been so busy since!”

That’s amazing to hear, and makes us excited to see what you guys are working on this year! Can you tell us a little about yourself and your role. Maybe what a typical day at Margaux looks like for you?

My role entails scouting, development, and agency marketing. There is no such thing as a typical day here at Margaux. We have a very family-like environment. It’s quite fun because you never know who could be sitting on the couch or who could walk in at any time.

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How did you get involved in working in the modeling and talent industry? Was this always a path you wanted to take?

I used to model and work at a law firm part time. Eventually I quit both and took up a magazine job in Hollywood. Four years ago my business partner Larry Clauson approached me with his vision of starting a specific kind of agency. I liked the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, and so we built this agency from the ground up.

I love that! One of the things that really drives myself and the team at Synency is being able to work with such an amazing group of driven entrepreneurs and creatives such as yourself.

Speaking of creative. We listed Margaux’s mission statement from your website as the intro to this interview because it really defined your agency as being creative and bold. Even the video you have on the home page is incredible and very creative and current.

The fashion industry is meant to be innovative, creative, fresh - that is what inspires people! I think a lot of agencies - old and new - try to copy other to see what’s supposed to be “trendy” at the moment. When we built our website, we stayed away from looking at other agencies’ websites because we wanted to create something that promoted our models in a unique yet simple way.

There’s so much more to each and every one of our talent than just being a “model”. We represent creative cool kids with unique looks. My job is to find them, prepare them for this industry, and then create an image that reflects their personality that our clients can vibe off of and understand.

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Margaux is based in Santa Monica, CA. A well known and beautiful beach lined coastal city of Los Angeles. Like a lot of other big cities, Los Angeles has a diverse range of neighborhoods and pockets that all have their own vibe, culture, and way of life. Do you feel that Santa Monica contributes to the agency’s personality and outlook in the talent industry?

Absolutely. As soon as someone walks into our office they immediately feel at home. Our office does not reflect the typical talent agency. There are many plants, big windows, natural sunlight… We like to create a laid back, spiritual and relaxing environment for all visitors whether you’re a model, photographer, client, friend, etc. But at the same time we are extremely hard working and don’t let anyone push us around.

Is there any advantage of working out of Santa Monica, versus West Hollywood, Downtown, etc…? I can only imagine that having the beach nearby is a lovely advantage/perk in it’s own way.

Santa Monica is a mini-city within itself. We have all the traffic and noise of a big city, except we have perfect weather year round and it’s right on the beach. Living and working here is definitely a lifestyle that I’ve adapted to. When clients from New York and Europe come to town for meetings, they like to visit us last so that they can catch the sunset and a relaxing walk on the beach.

**I can definitely see that being a nice touch and advantage for clients. Especially coming from more extreme winter climates, it’s nice to have some sun and sand in life. **

This is a topic we really haven’t visited yet in our interview series. Social Media is a large part of today’s culture, and can be a great tool for growing a business and gaining exposure. What are your thoughts on using social media, and do you find it helpful in promoting Margaux and your talent?

Yes….and no. Most of our marketing and promoting has been through real-life communication such as phone calls, in person meetings, hand written letters. Social media creates a fake world that we all live in whether we like it or not. I enjoy seeing our company’s instagram grow and the fact that clients do find us through social media, but it’s not the only way and it’s not everything!

How important is it for your talent to be active on social media?

It’s apart of our unfortunate culture and it’s somewhat important. But don’t force it or try to be someone you’re not. Focus on your content, not followers.

Speaking of models and talent, and browsing your roster I can imagine that you and your team have a keen eye for finding unique people to work with. What do you look for in a model that would make them a great fit for Margaux?

We are definitely building a reputation for finding different and odd looking faces and characters…and we’re proud of it. Clients don’t always know what they’re looking for until they see something that catches their eye. I love finding a model that I’ve never seen resemble anyone else in the industry. It’s about taking a risk and believing in yourself. You also have to believe in your talent and feel that they have all the aspects it takes to have success in this industry. Aside from a cool look, we look for those with personality, substance, and a strong work ethic.

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We recently celebrated the two year anniversary of Syngency and Margaux’s partnership, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have you as part of the Syngency Family! Congrats to us both! How have you seen Margaux grow in those two years?

Syngency has helped my company grow because it really organized us to another level.

Has there been any moment in Margaux’s history that stood out as a turning point for the agency, or maybe a standout moment that perhaps was a large milestone for you?

Obtaining our first office space was such crucial a moment for us! When we first started, we were operating out of a two bedroom apartment. It was definitely challenging building a company in such a restricted space in the beginning.

What Syngency tools do you find yourself using the most throughout your day and why?

Being a co-founder, I have my hands involved in a little bit of everything, including finances… that being said I probably use the invoicing feature the most. It connects our bookings to quickbooks and allows for a streamlined accounting process.

Finally, is there anything else you would like our readers to know about Margaux The Agency?

Keep your eyes out for a new video on the site.

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