Agency Feature :: Long Island Models with Briana Lombardo

Launched in 2016 by agent Briana Lombardo, Long Island Models is a unique and rising agency from the East Coast of the United States that Syngency has had the pleasure of working with since their inception. Now in their third year of operation, LIM books their amazing roster of talent for a wide variety of work such as print, runway, commercial, film, editorial, catalog, and much more in the Long Island, NYC and Tri-State Area. Lucky for us, we were able to catch Briana during the busy holiday months to learn more about her, and her day-to-day as an agent and agency owner.


Running Long Island Models herself; Briana handles all bookings, signings, scouting, communications, and much more for her agency. By doing this, she can ensure her clients the best possible service and talent for their jobs. “I’ve always been more of an independent worker,” states Lombardo. “I am actually making plans to hire a booker as I’m anticipating a busy year, which I guess isn’t such a bad thing!”

“It can definitely be challenging during the busy times when multiple castings come in all at once, then also managing everything else going on that day.” Continuing, “I enjoy working that way though. If I’m not working on multiple projects at a time, I get bored!”

But what makes it all worth it for Lombardo is “getting the chance to build relationships with my clients [and] models too,” she says. “They truly are all great people that I feel so fortunate to work with.”


What did you notice was missing in the modeling and agency world around you that inspired you to start Long Island Models? Lack of new technology. It’s actually what really pushed me to go off on my own. It’s such a huge factor in who gets cast for a project nowadays, [and] being able to recognize this early on gave me a lot of confidence.

A little open ended, but what do you look for in a model wanting to work with your agency? What advice do you like to offer them when they do sign with you? I look for a combination of both a well built portfolio and a great overall energy. I mainly cater to direct bookings so the larger portfolio they have, the more likely they are to get booked.

Clients request models back all the time, but it is hugely dependent on their performance, level of engagement, and dependability. Showing up to a job with a bad attitude is simply not acceptable. I always make sure to pick up on this when meeting someone new. The models commitment to the shoot can absolutely affect the final product, especially in a creative environment.

Just do a good job, that’ all I ask! Show up early, remember your wardrobe, {and} have a positive attitude. It will translate into more bookings for them. I absolutely push for models that I am confident will do a great job for my clients. They have to remember that it is not only their reputation as an individual at stake, but also mine as an agent.

What “mistake” do you notice aspiring models/talent make most when trying to break in to the industry? Not understanding the importance of obtaining quality photos. There is a huge difference between investing in a professional photographer and using your “friend” that has a camera.

Also, doing it for the wrong reasons. If someone wants to become a model because they think its “cool” or “easy money” they quickly get hit with a major wakeup call. I see it all the time. As soon as they realize the time and monetary investment they have to make- they’re gone!

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Now for a few fun questions.

In California, we are blessed to have amazing Mexican Food everywhere. It’s hard to live without at this point. What would you say your favorite food/dish is? What food can’t you live without? Right now I am obsessed with pitaya bowls! They’re so refreshing!

What’s the most interesting thing that you’ve experienced while on the job? I honestly haven’t had anything too crazy happen, thankfully! A favorite memory would have to be when I worked on the set of Royal Pains as a locations assistant. This was years ago before I started the agency .. they filmed the show here on Long Island in the Hamptons. Film is another huge passion of mine so getting the chance to be apart of a show like that was just incredible. The crew was amazing and the actors were all down to earth.

Finally, how does Syngency play a role in your day to day work life, and what Syngency Features do you find yourself using the most? Syngency truly has played a crucial role in the growth of my business. I use it every single day!

With such a busy schedule I really appreciate all of the tools and features it has that help me be more efficient. The whole software is very well thought out, and I especially like how up to date it is. It was so easy to add video and audio options to my website as well as social media links. I’ve received a ton of compliments on those features- thanks to Syngency!

The feature I use the most is definitely the website feature. I am a big believer in having a strong online presence so I’m constantly tweaking things, adding new models, and making sure the portfolios are perfect. Syngency allows me to do this all by myself, whenever I want. If I have a question or need assistance, I get a reply within minutes. Ryan and the entire Syngency team are incredible and make everything a breeze. Very personable and always a pleasure.

Briana, thank you so much for your time, and continuing to be such an incredible agency partner. Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about yourself and/or Long Island Models? Just how grateful I am. Sometimes I think back to when I was first starting out .. the mix of excitement and fear of going off on my own. It was a huge risk, but thankfully everything is going really well. I feel so privileged that I get to do what I love everyday!

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