About Syngency

Our mission is to create a fast, modern talent management platform, to help agencies around the world succeed.

Behind the scenes is a team of driven, innovative, forward-thinking professionals, from backgrounds spanning both the talent and tech industries.

Our Mission

Syngency helps unique agencies become extraordinary through powerful, transparent, and time saving software.

Our platform elevates the efficiency and productivity of agencies like never before seen. Through crystal clear transparency, innovative time-saving software, and world-class customer service; Syngency is committed to providing the best agency management software in the industry.

From boutique modeling agencies by the beach, to multi-office international talent agencies spanning a global network; our team is committed to creating amazing software for all.

Our Values


    Syngency is built by veterans of the talent management industry, and as a company we view transparency as an element that we would want in our daily lives, as well as a key tool to help others. As a team that works remotely, we view transparency as a way to establish a culture of trust and honesty.


    Through words of encouragement, positive reinforcement, and a willingness to help each other when in need; we are able to promote an environment of positivity within our company as well as with our clients.


    Syngency believes in the power of our employees and clients to create amazing things. So, it was important for us to create a powerful environment and platform to help enable them to do so.


    Creating evokes a wonderful feeling of happiness and ownership. Taking pride in something you’ve made. Whether we create for personal joy or for our customers, Syngency is always creating and we encourage others to do so as well.

Our Team

Proudly remote-first

Founded in New Zealand, and now headquartered in the United States with a team around the world, Syngency joins an ever-growing list of international companies for whom a distributed team is not only their competitive edge, but a key ingredient in the culture they promote.

Wait, you don‘t have an actual office?

For the most part, offices actually detract from productivity. The traditional office commute is costly in terms of valuable productivity time, carbon emmissions, and the traffic congestion it contributes to. For the most part, you're spending time and effort going from one location to another, to sit in front of the same screen. Just ask Buffer.

Our team still spends time together — regular team retreats, team meals, and online hangouts are an important part of life at Syngency. A distributed team also means there are more team members covering different timezones for our customers – currently nine, and counting!

Interested in the principles of remote-only companies? Take a look at RemoteOnly.org.



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